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Capture, Decode and Analyze all IP packets.

ORSEC Technologies' NMS Probe is a passive network monitoring solution designed to securely record all network activity, providing complete visibility into Layer 2 to 7 traffic without being detectable by hackers.

From Monitoring to Action

The NMS DPI Probe and the COMINT Approach

Inspired by COMINT methodologies from the intelligence world, NMS delivers unprecedented network visibility, transforming monitoring into a proactive tool for unrivaled security and operational integrity.

NMS goes beyond simple data collection, enabling in-depth analysis and interpretation of network communications, essential for understanding the context and intent behind activities and packet movements across the network.

For Operators

The NMS probe is essential for operators because it provides complete visibility into network traffic, enabling early and accurate detection of threats, in-depth incident analysis, and rapid response to cyberattacks, ensuring the continuity and security of operations.

For Datacenters

The NMS probe is essential for data centers because it provides real-time monitoring and detailed traffic analysis, helping to identify and neutralize threats before they affect critical infrastructure, while optimizing performance and reliability of hosted services.

For Large Groups

For Large CorporationsThe NMS probe is essential for large corporations because it provides advanced protection against large-scale cyberthreats, ensures regulatory compliance, and enables in-depth management and analysis of traffic data, thus contributing to overall security and to the operational resilience of the company.

Deep Packet Inspection

A unique solution on the market

The NMS DPI solution is unique because it uniquely combines deep packet inspection with advanced threat management, providing unparalleled network security and real-time traffic analysis.

+ 3200

App Classification

Application classification, thanks to our DPI engine, allows precise and real-time identification of more than 3000 applications, thus facilitating traffic security.


Protocols detected

ORSEC Technologies' DPI engine detects a wide range of protocols, providing in-depth monitoring and accurate classification of network traffic.


Stream categorization

ORSEC's NMS DPI solution categorizes data flows for detailed visibility and optimized management of network traffic.

Deep Packet Inspection

ORSEC AI gives you control of your network

NMS is a next-generation passive DPI probe that provides unprecedented visibility into your network, transforming every data packet into a source of strategic information.




Viewing User Agents


Categorization Apps & Protocols


Forensics Research


Packet Decode


Network Analysis - Vlan


Viewing Remotes


Recording network activity

Packaged solution

NMS is a quick-to-deploy passive solution

NMS Integrates encrypted traffic intelligence (ETI) that combines ML and DL techniques and advanced caching methods to classify encrypted streams.

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