Deep Packet Inspection

A unique DPI engine on the market

Sovereign network monitoring solution, undetectable by hackers and providing full visibility into Layer 7 traffic, designed to reduce incident response time (MTTR) and ensure network data security.

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App Classification

Application classification, thanks to our DPI engine, allows precise and real-time identification of more than 3000 applications, thus facilitating traffic security.


Protocols detected

ORSEC Technologies' DPI engine detects a wide range of protocols, providing in-depth monitoring and accurate classification of network traffic.


Stream categorization

ORSEC's NMS DPI solution categorizes data flows for detailed visibility and optimized management of network traffic.

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NDR solution with DPI.

The NDR solution with NMS's DPI engine provides full, detailed visibility into network traffic by deeply inspecting packets, unlike IDS engine-based NDR solutions that primarily focus on intrusion detection without analyzing packet content in detail. detail.

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VMware ESXi
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NMS is a next-generation passive DPI probe that provides unprecedented visibility into your network, turning every data packet into a source of strategic information.

NDR Physical Probe

The physical NDR probe is a key component of the NMS system, providing deep, real-time network monitoring to detect, analyze and respond to advanced threats and traffic anomalies.

Virtual NDR probe

The Virtual NDR Probe enables detailed analysis and effective detection of threats in ESXi VMware infrastructures, providing an adaptive and efficient cybersecurity solution.

Capture Probe

The Mass Capture Probe is designed to record and analyze large volumes of (Operators, Countries) network traffic, enabling comprehensive monitoring and precise response to security incidents.

Black Box

NMS is a cutting-edge passive network monitoring solution, designed as an impenetrable black box to reliably and securely record all network activities.

Forensic Analysis

Forensics analysis enables detailed and in-depth investigation of security incidents, extracting crucial evidence from data captured by NMS probes for effective response and resolution.

Tactical Probe & Mobile

The tactical and mobile probe allows rapid and effective monitoring of the network and immediate intervention after a cyberattack, recording activity to serve as legal evidence post-incidents.

Simplified installation

Deployment model

  • Captures 100% of packets
  • Analysis of 100% of packets
  • Backup 100% of packets

Example of positioning DPI probes in a network


Export Capabilities of the NMS probe

Our customers can use their existing data analysis tools to leverage NMS DPI probe metadata.

Take full advantage of your existing infrastructure for comprehensive analysis and greater responsiveness

SIEM and SoC integration

Use tools like grep, sed, and the JSON JQ parser for efficient data searching and filtration

Linux Command Tools
Compression ratio 1:300

Use ElasticSearch, Logstash, and Kibana, with an included Java indexer, for optimal data visualization and management

Pile ELK
Elastic Search - Kibana

Transmit log messages via Syslog UDP for improved interoperability and flexibility

Syslog UDP

Optimize log collection, indexing and analysis with Graylog for enhanced monitoring

100% French DPI technology

Sovereign solution | OIV - OSE - Governmental

The ORSEC network monitoring dpi probe acts as video surveillance for your network. Its passive, comprehensive logging capability, enhanced by powerful deep packet inspection (DPI) technology, ensures that network activity logs are immune to hacker removal attempts.

Solution NDR DPI

Fight against clandestine espionage

Combating clandestine espionage is crucial to protecting the security of military sites from the risks of data leaks and exposure to cybercriminals and enemy countries.

Shadow IT risks

High potential for site security compromise.


Costly data leaks, exposure of sensitive information to malicious actors.

Risky behaviors

Unintentional use of personal devices and unsecured applications by staff.

Insufficient security policies

Current policies and use of cloud services not adapted to counter Shadow IT.

Limitations of audits and tests

Conventional methods such as IT audits and penetration testing do not always detect covert spying.


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