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The Probe NDR & DPI solution acts as video surveillance for enterprise networks, unalterably recording all network activities and making data immune to malicious deletions with its advanced passive DPI technology.

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Advanced Network Monitoring: The Infallible Solution NDR & DPI Probe

The Probe NDR & DPI solution provides in-depth, unalterable monitoring of network activities, similar to video surveillance, using advanced passive DPI technology, ensuring data integrity against malicious manipulation. It allows for exhaustive recording of activities, making removal attempts by hackers ineffective. This approach ensures strong security and full visibility, essential for protecting enterprise infrastructures against cyber threats.

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The Probe NDR (Network Detection and Response) & DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) solution presents several significant advantages for businesses. Here is a summary of the main benefits, highlighting how it can strengthen the security and efficiency of enterprise networks:

Benefits of the NDR & DPI Probe Solution for Business:

- Advanced threat detection:
DPI technology enables in-depth inspection of data packets passing through the network, providing detailed visibility into traffic. This helps detect sophisticated, hidden threats that might go unnoticed with less advanced security solutions.

- Rapid response to incidents:
The NDR component of the solution enables rapid and automated response to detected threats. This reduces the time needed to mitigate risks and limit potential damage.

- Complete network visibility:
With deep packet inspection, businesses gain complete visibility into network activities, enabling them to understand and analyze traffic behavior, identify anomalous trends, and make informed decisions for security.

- Regulatory compliance:
The ability to monitor, record and analyze network traffic in detail helps businesses meet regulatory requirements for data retention, privacy and information security.

- Network performance optimization:
By identifying traffic bottlenecks and anomalies, the solution helps optimize network performance, thereby ensuring better user experience and operational efficiency.

- Data leak prevention:
Deep packet monitoring helps detect unauthorized data transfer attempts, helping to prevent sensitive data leaks and protect company information assets.

- Flexibility and scalability:
Suitable for various network environments, the Probe NDR & DPI solution can be scaled to meet growing business needs, providing robust protection regardless of network size or complexity.

- Securing applications and services:
Through recognition and analysis of specific applications and protocols, the solution helps secure business-critical applications and ensure online services operate securely and reliably.

- Cost reduction:
By preventing costly security incidents and optimizing network performance, the solution can help reduce operational costs and financial losses due to cyberattacks.

- Improvement of the security strategy:
The detailed insights provided by the solution enable organizations to continually refine their security strategy, adapting policies and defense mechanisms to changes in the threat landscape.

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The Probe NDR & DPI solution provides a holistic and advanced approach to enterprise network security, combining precise threat detection, rapid incident response, complete visibility into network traffic, and regulatory compliance , while optimizing network performance and reducing costs associated with cyber threats.

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Intelligence Technology.

The intelligence technique using DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) enables in-depth and detailed analysis of network traffic, providing unprecedented visibility into the data passing through a network. This capability is crucial to effectively identify, classify and respond to security threats, providing a solid foundation for network monitoring and anomaly detection.