NMS solution

Advanced Network Logging Redefined

NMS Black Box is an advanced passive network recording solution, using DPI technology to provide full visibility and detailed traffic analysis, while being designed for flexible, regulatory-compliant integration at any scale business.

Network Recorder - DPI

Network Recording: The Foolproof Solution for Investigations

- Complete vision of network traffic, for informed investigations.
- Network traceability for proactive management.
- Surveillance: your personal CCTV for data in transit.
- The digital flight log of your IT infrastructure.
- Your network under surveillance, like in the viewfinder of a CCTV.
- 360° network monitoring, inspired by aeronautical black boxes.

Valise Tactique NMS

NMS Network Recorder is a state-of-the-art passive network monitoring and recording solution, envisioned as an impenetrable black box. Thanks to the latest generation Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology, it ensures total transparency and complete visibility of L7 traffic. This approach enables unparalleled responsiveness to cybersecurity incidents, transforming your network into a veritable data fortress. Each packet becomes a reliable lead for in-depth analysis and rapid problem resolution.

Key Points and Added Value:

- Operational Invisibility:
NMS Network Logger is undetectable by attackers, blending into your infrastructure for discreet yet powerful monitoring.

- Optimized Responsiveness:
Significant reduction in average incident resolution time thanks to real-time traffic analysis and data retention capabilities adapted to the requirements of the NIS2 Directive.

- Application Intelligence:
Identification and classification of more than 3000 applications for detailed analysis and granular control of network activity.

- Reinforced Compliance:
Perfect alignment with NIS2 Directive obligations, facilitating compliance for mission-critical operators and digital service providers.

- Performance and Scalability:
Suitable for enterprise or defense scale, the solution can handle speeds in excess of 10Gbps, ideal for large-scale tactical deployments.

- Network Logs for Justice:
Detailed recording of network logs makes it possible to trace the history of a post-incident attack, providing crucial evidence for forensic investigations and ensuring accountability to justice.

Serveur sonde DPI Entreprise

Designed to act as an ultra-secure black box, NMS Network Logger meticulously records all network activity as JSON data. Although it does not currently have a built-in user interface or analysis tools, its primary role is to reliably capture and store data for detailed retrospection. It integrates seamlessly with existing security analytics systems, providing maximum flexibility in the use of data while ensuring regulatory compliance.

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NMS solution

Intelligence Technology.

The intelligence technique using DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) enables in-depth and detailed analysis of network traffic, providing unprecedented visibility into the data passing through a network. This capability is crucial to effectively identify, classify and respond to security threats, providing a solid foundation for network monitoring and anomaly detection.