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Integrating an NMS solution into a data center or carrier provides comprehensive network monitoring, advanced threat detection and performance optimization, with exceptional capacities ranging from 10 GB to 100 GB for enhanced network management and security .

Datacenter - DPI

Surveillance and Security: Network Management from 10 to 100 GB

Integrating an NMS solution into data centers and operators transforms network management with real-time visibility and advanced threat detection, ensuring optimal network monitoring and security. Additionally, its ability to handle data streams ranging from 10 GB to 100 GB enables in-depth analysis and unmatched performance, even in the most demanding environments.

Valise Tactique NMS

Implementing a Network Monitoring Solution (NMS) in a data center or operator has several significant benefits that help improve network management, security and operational efficiency.

Here are some of these benefits:

- Complete Network Visibility:The NMS provides real-time visibility across the entire network, allowing administrators to continuously monitor performance, resource availability and traffic flows. This is essential for quickly detecting issues and avoiding downtime.

- Advanced Threat Detection: Using techniques like deep packet inspection (DPI), the NMS is able to precisely identify and classify network traffic, making it easier to detect behaviors abnormal, malware and intrusion attempts.

- Performance Optimization: By analyzing traffic data, NMS helps identify bottlenecks, network overloads and inefficiencies, thereby optimizing bandwidth, improving response times and guarantee a better user experience.

- Proactive Incident Management: NMS enables rapid response to incidents through real-time alerts and analysis tools that help diagnose and resolve issues before they impact end users or critical services.

- Compliance and Audit: The data logging and archiving capabilities of the NMS facilitate compliance with data security and privacy regulations. They also provide valuable evidence for security audits and post-incident analyses.

- Automation and Integration: NMS can be integrated with other network and data center management tools, enabling the automation of routine tasks and the coordination of incident responses across different platforms.

- Cost Savings: By preventing breakdowns, optimizing resource utilization and reducing the time needed to resolve problems, NMS helps achieve significant savings in operational and infrastructure investments.

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NMS solution

Intelligence Technology.

The intelligence technique using DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) enables in-depth and detailed analysis of network traffic, providing unprecedented visibility into the data passing through a network. This capability is crucial to effectively identify, classify and respond to security threats, providing a solid foundation for network monitoring and anomaly detection.