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What exactly is the NMS probe?

It is a passive network monitoring solution that records all your network activities securely, without being detectable.

How is data stored by the NMS probe?

Data is stored in JSON format, which facilitates integration with other analysis tools and data management systems.

Can the NMS probe handle high-speed traffic?

Absolutely, it is designed to support speeds greater than 1Gbps (10Gbps, 20Gbps, 40Gbps, 60Gbps and 100Gbps!), suitable for all demanding environments.

Does the NMS probe comply with the NIS2 Directive?

Yes, it helps meet compliance requirements, particularly for retention and secure management of network data.

Can the NMS probe be used in multinational environments?

Absolutely, it is ideal for cross-border operations, facilitating collaboration and international compliance.

How can I analyze the data collected by the NMS probe?

The NMS probe is compatible with many data analysis tools, allowing you to use the ones you prefer or those you already have in place.

How does the NMS probe protect data from manipulation?

It has a robust and secure architecture, ensuring that the captured data remains intact and tamper-proof.

Does the NMS probe require frequent maintenance?

No, its design aims to minimize maintenance, giving you a reliable network monitoring solution with little intervention required.

What kind of technical support do you offer for the NMS probe

It is designed to be easily integrated, thanks to its data in JSON format, ensuring compatibility with most systems.

Does the NMS probe support IPv6?

Currently, the NMS probe is optimized for IPv4, but the addition of IPv6 compatibility is planned in our product roadmap.

What is the storage capacity of the NMS probe?

Storage capacity is adaptable to your specific needs, ensuring a tailor-made solution for your network environment.

Is the NMS probe difficult to install?

No, it is designed for simple and quick installation, allowing easy integration into your current infrastructure.

Are there any customization options available for the NMS probe?

Yes, we offer customization options to meet your specific network security and monitoring needs.

What is the cost of the NMS probe?

The cost varies depending on the configuration and options chosen, we offer personalized quotes to match your requirements and budget.

What is the performance difference between the 2U and 4U servers of the NMS probe?

The 2U server is ideal for small networks (between 500 to 5,000 devices), while the 4U is designed for large infrastructures (5,000 to 100,000 devices), providing greater power and processing capacity for handle a much higher volume of network traffic.

How does NMS server energy consumption affect my carbon footprint?

Our servers are designed to optimize energy consumption, which reduces your carbon footprint. The model you choose will be adapted to the size of your network to ensure maximum energy efficiency.

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