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The acquisition of ORSEC Technologies by the SYLink Group, announced on February 26, 2024, marks a significant step in the French cybersecurity industry. This strategic integration strengthens SYLink's position as an innovative leader, adding ORSEC's DPI probes, specialized in threat detection and network traffic analysis, to its portfolio. This collaboration promises to enrich SYLink's offering with advanced technologies for the classification and decoding of network protocols and applications, essential for in-depth analysis and prevention of cyberattacks. With the support of more than 350 partners across France, SYLink is expanding its influence and effectiveness, promising significant added value for its customers through this synergy.








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Context and objectives

The main goal of our ORSEC probe is to strengthen the security of businesses and organizations by detecting threats and providing valuable information about network traffic. It helps identify suspicious behavior, prevent cyberattacks and take appropriate measures to protect critical infrastructure.



Our ORSEC probe is an advanced network traffic detection and analysis solution. It uses a sophisticated DPI engine to classify and decode protocols and applications at different network levels, providing deep visibility into network activity.



The ORSEC probe is available now and can be deployed in customer network environments at any time. Its use can begin immediately to strengthen security and monitor network traffic.



The ORSEC probe can be installed in customers' network infrastructures, whether they are located locally on-premises or in cloud environments. It is designed to adapt to different environments and scales, providing network visibility and protection wherever it is needed.

Our main objective is to protect our country, in particular Vital Importance Organizations, hospitals, administrations and essential entities, against cyberattacks. We focus on innovation and use military technologies to provide advanced, tailor-made solutions.

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Through our team of highly qualified experts, we offer deep expertise and cutting-edge tools to strengthen our clients' resilience to cyber threats. Our commitment to national security and our desire to contribute to the defense of our country are an integral part of our DNA.

Thanks to the expertise of its founders and their experience in managing large-scale projects, ORSEC Technologies is able to implement effective strategies to reduce costs while maintaining a high level of quality and efficiency in its cybersecurity solutions.

ORSEC Technologies benefits from the combined expertise of its founders and its ability to quickly adapt to changes in the cybersecurity market. With their strategic vision and experience, the company is well positioned to succeed and bring superior cybersecurity solutions to its customers, while reducing the costs associated with implementing these solutions.

The innovative nature of the ORSEC Technologies solution lies in its ability to fill the gaps in the state of the art and the state of the market in terms of detecting cyber attacks. Unlike existing solutions, our solution is designed to detect Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), sophisticated and persistent attacks that often remain hidden in victims' networks for an extended period of time before triggering ransomware or other destructive attacks. With a focus on real-time monitoring, behavioral analytics and the use of advanced military technologies, we enable organizations, including governments and hospitals, to detect and neutralize these invisible threats more quickly, thereby reducing the risk of major damage and data loss. Our innovative approach helps strengthen the resilience of critical infrastructure and protect our nation's strategic interests in the face of increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks.

Our innovation lies in the combination of a multi-stage architecture and a sophisticated DPI engine at the heart of our probe. The multi-stage architecture allows progressive processing of data packets, while the DPI engine performs in-depth analysis of network traffic at different levels, from layer 3 to layer 7. This advanced technical approach allows us to provide inspection detailed and precise classification of network protocols and applications, which sets us apart from existing solutions on the market.

Additionally, our DPI probe uses advanced detection techniques such as flow tracking, byte pattern matching, and behavioral analysis to spot suspicious behavior and cyber attacks. We are able to detect APTs which often remain hidden in the network for extended periods before triggering ransomware or other types of attacks. This ability to identify emerging threats and anomalous activities allows us to provide proactive protection against cyberattacks.

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