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NMS DPI is an advanced packet inspection technology that offers several possible solutions depending on your needs. With detailed analysis of network traffic, enabling increased monitoring, compliance management and optimization of network performance.

NDR Enterprise Probe - DPI

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Tactical & Mobile Solution

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Datacenter & Operators Solution

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L'enregistrement du Réseau Avancée

Advanced Network Registration

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NMS, an asset for every profession

The NMS DPI system, with its advanced deep packet inspection capabilities, enables detailed analysis and real-time monitoring of network traffic. This technology provides unprecedented visibility into data passing through IT infrastructures, making it easier to identify and block security threats, manage regulatory compliance and optimize network performance. The collected metadata includes crucial information such as timestamps, protocol details, and data volumes, essential for in-depth network analyzes and cybersecurity investigations.


IT Directors

Enables strengthened IT governance with visibility across the entire network ecosystem, essential for strategic decision-making.


Data Protection Officers (DPO)

Provides full traceability of data flowing through the network, which is crucial for the protection of personal data and compliance with regulations such as GDPR.


Compliance Officers

Ensures network activities are in compliance with regulatory standards and internal policies, facilitating audits and compliance reporting.



Deepens investigative capabilities by providing crucial attack details, which is vital for proactive cyber defense and remediation strategies.


IT Operations Managers

Provides an overview for continuous monitoring of operations and ensuring that SLAs (Service Level Agreements) are met.


IT Project Managers

Integrates strategic information for managing migration projects, ensuring performance and security objectives are met.


Network Architects

Uses detailed traffic insights to design optimized, resilient networks and ensure better allocation of network resources.


Network Administrators

Enables real-time management and optimization of network traffic, rapid detection of anomalies, and immediate response to security incidents.


Security Analysts

Provides deep visibility for threat identification, event correlation for more accurate analysis, and better understanding of attacks to strengthen defenses.


Forensic Experts

Provides access to detailed data needed for forensic investigations, enabling in-depth analysis of security incidents.

NMS solution

Intelligence Technology.

The intelligence technique using DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) enables in-depth and detailed analysis of network traffic, providing unprecedented visibility into the data passing through a network. This capability is crucial to effectively identify, classify and respond to security threats, providing a solid foundation for network monitoring and anomaly detection.